Earn Unlimited Money Online

Earn Unlimited Money Online

Start your own online business today!



Have you ever wished you had the perpetual money tree in your backyard where you could just go pull unlimited money from it whenever you wanted?

Ever dreamed you could set your own work hours, be your own boss, break free from that 9-5 rat race?

Are you wanting to go to college but do not want to go into debt paying for it?

If you answered YES, boy have I got the perfect career choice for you. It’s something you can work on in your spare time without having to invest a lot of upfront cash, in fact you don’t have to invest any money upfront while you begin building your business.


Did you know you can build a website and promote whatever your passion is, whether it is sports, fast cars, healthy eating, yoga, booboo bears, ladybugs, purses, crafts, etc. Doesn’t matter what is just so long as you enjoy it. Wow, beingScreenshot (5) able to have a your own website talking about what you love to do or what your favorite hobby is. Just take a stroll through the internet and you will find all kinds of people promoting things they enjoy. AND THEIR MAKINGScreenshot (6) MONEY DOING IT. How you may ask. Well, you can sell a service if you have one to offer, or sell your own crafts, or sell products that other people produce (affiliate marketing).


 GETTING STARTED                                                                    twitter_question_mark

You may be asking yourself, where do I begin, it’s all so overwhelming.

Believe it or not you can build a website just like the ones above. You won’t need to pay a high priced web designer either because it’s easier than you think. All you need is a little training, education, and determination.


I am sure, like me, you’ve begun researching how and where to start you online business. There are so many  untitled (4)opportunities out there. I can tell you anyone promising you money overnight, is not being exactly truthful to you. It’s impossible to become an instant success overnight. What’s worse is once you join one of these programs for a few dollars, you find out there is over $300 in upsells.

I spent quite a bit of time researching this and trying out different programs and found that Wealthy Affiliate offers you the chance to actually begin your own business online with NO money upfront and no hidden costs or upsells.

Now you’re probably wondering if this could actually be legit. I am here to tell you YES.


This is a training program designed for someone new to website building and even for those who have experience. This program starts you right at the very beginning; choosing a domain name and a installing WordPress. In fact here is what you will know after just taking the first course:

  • Know how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • Be able to create quality content that gets ranked  wa-boot-camp
  • A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
  • Discover the process of making money online

They offer a starter program for free with the opportunity to upgrade to a premium member for just $47.00 a month whenever you feel comfortable to do so. You have the ability to be able to work at  your own pace and have a large support group from the whole WA Community.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are taught how to build a lucrative business from the ground up. Everything you need to know is all in this community.

Here is just some of what you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Step by step instructions and training
  • unlimited support from over 10,000+ members
  • 2 free websites for starter members and unlimited web hosting for premium members
  • One on one training from the owners themselves, Kyle and Carson
  • Up to date techniques
  • keyword research tool
  • Live video training
  • An honest upfront approach to building an online business
  • A blog to share your experience and the ability to read others success stories and tips

One thing I have discovered since I became a member is the amount of information and training they offer can become a little overwhelming at times. The nice thing is though it is all broken down into sessions and lessons so you can go back and look over any section you want at any time. In every session/lesson there is a discussion board so you can ask any question you have and you will receive an answer in just minutes of posting your question. No having to send a email to support or search the internet for your answer. Best of all there are a lot of other members in the community who have been where you are or were there at some point and are supporting you every step of the way, wanting you be successful on this new adventure.



Should you have any questions please feel free to drop a line below, I will be happy to answer any questions.

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  1. The program you are talking about has helped many folks build an online business including me. I worked very hard almost one year and now starting to see real results. My traffic is increasingly growing each month and the profit accordingly. All this has become possible thanks to their training and support. Their training material is simple to follow and covers all you need to know about internet marketing and if you follow it and persistent you can achieve success. Their approach is very realistic, they never make any false promises to anyone and teach people only strategies that fully comply with all Google updates. It’s very important because fail to follow Google guidelines and you will destroy your entire business you’ve been building for years. I highly recommend this program and the good news is that you can try it for free to make sure that it exactly delivers on its promises.

    • Thank you so much Rufat for your input. I couldn’t have said it better. WA definitely has excellent training material and support. I personally have learned so much from this program and best part is they are continually added new material all of the time.

  2. Taxa Auto
    Wow, this post is nice, my sister is analyzing such things, therefore I
    am going to tell her.

    • Thank you so much and if your sister needs any information just have her drop me line here, I will be happy to answer any of her questions.

  3. I also am familiar with Wealthy affiliate and the training there is like no other. It is step by step. I liked that they also have video training which made it really easy for me to follow along. There is always someone available on chat to help you out as well. ~Wendy

  4. Hi Veronica

    I’m not new to trying to make money online, however, I’m new to actually being able to make any money.

    I understand there’s a lot of work involved and I’m fully prepared for that. In the past I’ve tried selling stuff on ebay and Amazon. Yes I earned a little, but about time the commisions are taken out, I wasn’t left with much.

    I’ve come to the realization that I’m not really building a solid business by using these third party websites as I can’t control them.

    The Wealthy Affiliate training you talk about here appears to revolve around building your own website which sounds great.

    I do have a couple of questions though if you don’t mind?

    1. You say to build a website around a passion, is there further training on how to do this inside Wealthy Affiliate?

    2. Can you sell physical products and digital products through a website?

    Thanks in advance

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate gives a member complete training at your own pace. They give you training on how to set up the foundation of your website, building content on your site, Keyword training, SEO training, putting videos on your website, social media, anything you can think of that you would need and probably some things you didn’t think of. All a person has to do is join for free just to look around and get a feel for what they have to offer. Then if you like what you see become a premium member. Best of all you can begin building your website at no charge and they provide you with 2 websites with hosting – no charge.

      Yes you can sell physical products and digital products through your website, I’m sure you can even provide services too! The content of what you promote on your site is up to you.

      Thanks so much for your questions and interest in Wealthy Affiliate!

  5. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate a short few months and have found the training very easy. The community is great and all are willing to help each other. If you get stuck support is there to help and respond very quickly.

    Kyle and Carson, the co-owners, are also readily available for you to ask questions and get assistance on anything you might need.

    • Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t agree with you more. The support is outstanding and I haven’t found another program where the owners are so readily available and willing to help out. I’ve joined other programs in the past which claimed all this help and support and heard crickets when I asked for help or it took days for support to get back with me.

      Thanks for comment!

  6. Hello there

    As most people out there i was looking for ways to earn some money online,what with the ever increasing living cost and the never increasing wages.
    While looking for ways to earn online your site came up.
    Thanks so much for explaining how things work, how to get started online and how to move on from there.
    Just a little question, can l make real money online if l do not have a passion? im not good at anything,how then can l create a website if l do not have a passion? is there an alternative?

    • I hate to tell you but I think you do have a passion. A passion to make money online. So you could build a website around showing people legitimate ways to make money online. By taking time and researching this niche you could build a site explaining different options people have available to them to earn extra money online and by becoming an affiliate of some of these programs and promoting them on your website you would earn a commission from them every time a person joined that particular program. I would just make sure that you research and promote only legitimate opportunities though. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone down a wrong path.

  7. Affiliate marketing is an outstanding options for aspiring entrepreneurs because it’s relatively cheap to start up. With some determination and hard work it can certainly turn into a full-time income, but don’t think this is an opportunity where you don’t need to take any action to achieve results. Just like any other business, you need to put the work in to see the profits.

    A great resource is the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, which you’ve mentioned as your recommendation for beginners. Why not take a shot at building your own online business for free and receiving the support of a community of like-minded people? Expert raining, a supportive community, and taking action are the 3 most important aspects of affiliate marketing.

  8. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant thinking, paragraph is pleasant, thats why i have read
    it fully

  9. It is definitely true that people can make money from a website all about something they are passionate about. However, not all things people are passionate about are profitable. Or perhaps I should rephrase that. Some are more profitable than others.

    To find a successful niche, there needs to be a decent number of products related to it that people genuinely want to buy. Amazon is great for niche research. The way Amazon is organised, it is perfect for digging down through a category and finding a specific type of product that you want to base a website around.

    What is your passion?

    • I definitely agree with you that some passions are more profitable than others and Amazon is a great place for niche research.

      I have a passion for homeopathic medicine. Having a autoimmune disease I developed a passion for wanting to know more about herbal remedies and what type of foods help to keep my condition in remission instead of relying solely on doctors to help me.

      Thanks for asking.

  10. As you have just discovered, there is no mystery to internet
    marketing. Write clear and understandable text, if you are looking to attract visitors and
    upgrade your client base. The last thing you want to do is to fall behind the competitive curve simply because
    you’re not on top of the latest information and facts regarding your business.

  11. Keep this going please, gгeat job!

    Alѕo ѵіѕіt mу ԝеƄ ѕіtе Greendesign.Com.Ua

  12. Hello there,

    Great article, i am a member in wealthy affiliate and i am enjoying the lessons very helpful and gives you more experience in affiliate marketing and how to build strong foundation, the most thing i like about wealthy affiliate is the strong support and the people in the community are very helpful, thanks for sharing.

    • You are most welcomes and thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

  13. Hi Veronica
    Great post, thanks for taking the time to share this great online business opportunity.

    I really agree with you on the points you made. I personally love working online, and I am also a huge fan of affiliate marketing.

    What better way to go about making money online? The best part is that I can make money about anything I am passionate about. Who else can say this?


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